Hunting Diary

  • Hunting with Pop - Pennsylvania

    I was really looking forward to the 2nd day of PA Gobbler season. I wasn’t going to be the hunter, but I was really anxious to get behind the camera. The hunter was going to be my longtime hunting partner and mentor, Jason Krause. This was the first time in years I was able to go turkey hunting with Jason Krause of Krause’s Taxidermy. Time just doesn’t allow us to do all the hunting… read more »

  • Spring Turkey - Kansas

    Earlier this Spring fellow Posse member Scott Carpenter asked if I would be interested in joining him on a trip to the Midwest for turkeys and some shed hunting. I worked out the details and it was time to leave before I knew it. Scott picked me up after work and we were on our way with 19 hours of driving ahead of us. After driving all night and most of the next day, we pulled in at Scott’s… read more »

  • My Kansas Turkey - Kansas

    Well after a long winter that never seemed to want to leave it was finally time to go to my favorite place in the world KANSAS!! It was going to be my annual spring turkey hunt for those beautiful Rios. After some planning and getting packed up I was headed up to Virginia to pick up my good friend and fellow Posse member Terry Edwards. After loading all of his gear we were off on the long but enjoyable… read more »

  • Turkey Homework - Pennsylvania

    May 7, 2009 My dad and I had put in about ten days of solid hunting together, but this morning I decided to go it alone. I spent about as much time in the pouring rain this season than ever before. I knew this bird was in the area and he gave me the slip three days prior. Turned out he was in range that day, but I thought the shot looked too far, so I decided not to take it. This morning was a different… read more »

  • Cold Damp Morning - Missouri

    As I sat in the cold damp morning, I told my husband I was done. I have hunted for 4 years now and I haven’t seen a turkey in all that time. This is not for me I quit, that was in 2006. Ever since then Steve, my husband, and Robert my son, have been trying to get me to try it one more time, but I would have nothing to do with it. Finally, for some goofy reason, I told them I would give them one… read more »

  • Turkey Slam Completed - South Dakota

    Ralph and I were invited to head out west to South Dakota for some Merriam turkey hunting with some friends from the hunting industry, Byers Media Team. Toby & Ken had us out there a few years ago and we had a blast! That was the year we had a pile of Jakes molesting our decoys and I shot one off of the hen decoy (Hazel) with my shotgun!! Well, since then I have still been trying to finish my turkey… read more »