Hunting Diary

  • The Magic Sandwich - Manitoba

    On the flight to Winnipeg I stared out the window and wondered what lay in store for Bucky and I at Adrenaline Outfitters. Remembering the 2009 season at Adrenaline Outfitters, where Joe took a big color-phase bear and Zendal’s unforgettable miss of a truly once in a lifetime bear, my hopes were running high and the adrenaline was pumping. When we arrived it didn’t take long to figure out… read more »

  • Big Bear - Alberta

    I had extremely high hopes of an exciting hunt when I got the call from Jody asking if I would be available to do an Alberta bear hunt with Freddy this spring, but I had no idea what I was actually in store for. The hunt started on a gloomy Saturday morning with an early ride to the airport to start the first leg of our long journey. After a relatively easy passage through airport security, we boarded… read more »

  • Backup - Virginia

    On April 26, 2010 a good friend of mine, Frank Bottomley (Frankie), called and asked if I would like to go turkey hunting the next morning. He said he had a couple of birds roosted and with a little luck maybe we both could get one. We met the next morning and made our way through the pre-dawn darkness to our set up. At day light, the birds began gobbling but stopped as soon as they flew down from… read more »

  • Big Bear Country - Alberta

    Day 2 up in northwest Alberta at Big Bear Country Outfitters and it was my turn to hunt (Tim hunted on Day 1). We headed back to the same bait we sat the previous night. Our guides Jason and Barry knew there was a good bear on the bait so we decided to give it another go, and boy am I glad we did. The night started off quickly. No sooner had I clipped into my Hunter Safety System, Tim said “bear,… read more »

  • TC’s in the BC - British Columbis

    There are adventures that we look forward to each and every year and heading to Vancouver Island to hunt with Trophy West is one of those for sure. This year Vicki & I were heading out with Zendal...aka- Z; it would be his first time up there and he was pumped. Z has edited all the shows from up there the past years and now was ready to see it in person. Glenn and Steve run an incredible outfit.… read more »

  • BC Bear’N Down - British Columbia

    I think that one of my favorite hunts is with Trophy West Outfitters in British Columbia!! We have been up there a few times now and every time we go back it seems like a different hunt!! We have hunted off of the big boat and we have down a lot of hunting off of the Lil’ Grizzly boat, but this year, we hunted all over Vancouver Island!! We worked for our bears this spring, running up and down… read more »