Hunting Diary

  • Kaye’s Bear - Manitoba

    My son, Robert and myself had planned a black bear hunt with Adrenaline Outfitters almost 1-½ years ago. With our dates locked in we counted as the months went by. When the time got close, we let Russ, Joel, and Rod know we wanted to take our bears off the ground using our recurves. We practiced and practiced from different positions and angles. Finally it was time to leave and as we drove from… read more »

  • Big Bear Country 2 - Alberta

    Well Timmy and I were down to our last day of hunting in Northwest Alberta with Big Bear Country Outfitters. The week had already been a huge success, with Tim and I both tagging seven footers, but our Stealthcam had taken pictures of another monster bear on a bait and we were determined to make him famous. We loaded our gear and headed toward the Bootie Hills, yep that’s right the Bootie Hills,… read more »

  • Severe Bear Disorder - Quebec

    After months of anticipation it was finally time to leave on my first bear hunt. I had never been to Canada so it was an exciting day for me, having two first-time adventures on one trip—believe me, I was ready to go! The first night out on the stand at Domaine Le Pic Bois, I was the one with the bow. Joe and I settled in at about 2:00 p.m. full of anticipation. The timed passed quickly as we… read more »

  • Kandi’s First Bear - Quebec

    This last fall Vicki and I were talking about doing a hunt together; the last hunt we did was Caribou and we had a blast. I had never been bear hunting so Vicki came up with the idea for both of us to go bear hunting. Vicki, being a seasoned bear hunter, I felt really good about the hunt. We have both filmed for over 18 years with our husbands, so we elected not to take cameramen, but film each other.… read more »

  • One Unique Bear - Quebec

    This was probably the best bear hunt I had ever been on. I was able to share it with my dad, good friend Chris, and quite a few other first time bear hunters. You can just imagine the excitement we all had! When we arrived in Quebec we were greeted by Yvon Champagne of ‘Le Griff Quebec’. With just a short ride to camp, we unpacked and began to review trail camera pictures Yvon had. There… read more »

  • The Last Hour Bear - Manitoba

    Back in march I received a text from Ralph asking if I would have the time to go bear hunting this spring. “Absolutely”, I said!! About a week later I found out I would be going to Adrenaline Outfitters in Manitoba with Gary Smoot from Archers Choice Media. Fully knowing the success the POSSE has had there in the past only increased the excitement and anticipation I had inside. Adrenaline… read more »