Hunting Diary

  • South Peace Bonanza - Alberta

    As many of you know Alberta has some of the best bear hunting you could hope to find but most recently we have been struggling to find an outfitter that keeps his regiment of baiting and searching for new areas, that is until now! Z & I went up with South Peace Outfitters in Alberta this spring, you might recognize the name...Don Lind, yes, he is the outfitter we hunt with in the Yukon, MacMillan… read more »

  • Peace River Bears - Alberta

    The spring of 2010 had been a long one. Bear season was upon us and I was going to be traveling to the famous Peace River region of Alberta. Ralph and I would be hunting with Don Lind, who also outfits in the Yukon Territory, Ralph and Vicki spend several days each fall hunting moose with Don on the MacMillan River in the Yukon. But this was a Black Bear trip, and I was hoping to see some of the color… read more »

  • One and Done - Manitoba

    We were fortunate this year to have an incredibly early spring; this allowed Rod, Joel, and myself the opportunity to completely overhaul our new Spring Bear hunting area. Adrenaline Outfitters secured this area over the winter and it was exciting to set up this new area and hunt these ‘gorilla bears’ on the East side of the province. The only problem with a new area is the time it eats… read more »

  • Short and Tall - Manitoba

    This trip to Ken Gangler's Canadian Sub-Artic started this past spring when we flew into our camp and there was Marsh & John waiting to get us all set up and ready to start bear'n down. It was a good day, calm and sunny, and that was good since we had two passengers who never flew in a floatplane before. We all were filled with anticipation since it had been a couple of years since Vicki… read more »

  • Wilderness Fun - Manitoba

    Ralph and Vicki have given me many opportunities to harvest animals and go on hunts that I would have not been able to do. When I received the phone call from them back in April asking me if I would be interested in a Canadian Sub-Arctic “Wilderness” hunt I about fell over. Vicki immediately started describing the hunt and what she meant by wilderness. She said sleep in a tent with a sleeping… read more »

  • One for the Books - Manitoba

    As soon as I got off the phone with Vicki I thought to myself, “Can I really handle this?” A week in the Canadian Sub-Artic with no running water, limited electricity, tents, and a hole in the ground with a piece of plywood as a washroom, I questioned if I was capable of a wilderness hunt. During the months leading up to my Manitoba bear hunt, I practiced with my Vicxen everyday. I simulated… read more »