Hunting Diary

  • In My Veins…

    Living in the Midwest, Whitetails are my bread and butter, but Elk hunting runs through my veins! There is no other hunt that I feel is more challenging and exciting than chasing the majestic Bull Elk up and down the Rocky Mountains. The bugles and screams of this great creature get your heart pumping as hard, if not harder, than the mountains in which they call home. I had been preparing for my annual… read more »

  • Double B Outfitters Does It Again!

    North Dakota, whitetails at their finest, is what we see at Double B Outfitters and this year is no exception! David and John Brandt had told us that they felt the deer were healthy and had more antler growth this year than what they seemed to in the past. In fact, some of the hunters that were already there and gone, shot some really nice bucks! The first afternoon out, Kenneth and I were sitting… read more »

  • The Newfie Slam

    “You got anything going on in October?” was the first thing I heard from Joe on a phone call in late summer – I love that kind of question!  “Nothing, what’s up?”  “Wondering if you wanted to head to Newfoundland for a week?”  Enough said—I was in!  I was barely off the phone with Joe before I was booking my flight and arranging… read more »

  • Once In A Lifetime Woodland Caribou

    I know these stories are supposed to be short, but it would be impossible to give this hunt or the outfitter justice without taking some space… I know everyone starts their stories with ‘this place was amazing’… and I know I’m guilty of doing it quite often myself; however, I have to tell you that Efford’s Hunting Adventures in Newfoundland, Canada is one of the… read more »

  • A Nasty Nightmare

    Ever been thankful for an awesome Nightmare? Thanks to New Archery Products Nightmare Broadhead, I took my first bow buck on the night of September 19 in Wisconsin. Jess and I headed out that night with his bow in hand. I was cameraman for the night; or so I thought. We had agreed that I would take my bow too, since we had been watching a bachelor group of bucks near the stand we would be sitting in,… read more »

  • Ya Got to Love Wyoming

    September is here again! For me that meant my annual trip to Wyoming. The first few years, I always looked forward to sticking a spitfire through the boiler room of an antelope, but that has since changed to the pursuit of whitetail bucks! The northeast corner of the state is without question known for the tremendous deer hunting opportunities and on September 21, I began my quest for one of these… read more »