Hunting Diary

  • Ya Got to Love Wyoming

    September is here again! For me that meant my annual trip to Wyoming. The first few years, I always looked forward to sticking a spitfire through the boiler room of an antelope, but that has since changed to the pursuit of whitetail bucks! The northeast corner of the state is without question known for the tremendous deer hunting opportunities and on September 21, I began my quest for one of these… read more »

  • A Horse is a Horse…or is it? - South Dakota

    September 14 was a day that couldn’t come soon enough.  I was finally on my way to Omaha where I would meet up with Scott Standiford and continue on to Newell South Dakota.  Waiting for us there was an outfitter, Fred Lamphere of Dakota Ranch Outfitters, a guide, Rick Richards, and two horses just itchin’ to introduce us to a very unique method of hunting antelope during archery… read more »

  • Shootin’ the Bull - Colorado

    It sure has been a crazy summer and to top it off Vicki & I flew to Salt Lake City to meet with the guys at HOYT & BEMAN. It was great to see everyone there and walk through both plants again. We were amazed to see just how much effort and R&D goes into the things we take for granted in the field. From there, Vicki flew home and I went to Colorado Springs where Joe met me and we headed… read more »

  • Elk at 11,200 Feet - Colorado

    After an early start of 3:00 a.m. to try and leave work a few hours early and get a jump on the most anticipated trip I've yet to be on, 2:00 p.m. seemed to take forever to come. Rushing home to grab my bags and gear, I was on my way to meet Tony Perillo at the local Bass Pro Shop. Arriving there around 5:00 p.m., we loaded up the truck and wasted no time getting on the road. The seventeen hour… read more »

  • Top Notch Elk - New Mexico

    If someone out of the blue walked up to you and simply mentioned the state of New Mexico, what would be the first thought that would come to your mind? Would it be an image of a UFO crashing in the desert just outside of Roswell? Or would it be holding hands with the love of your life as you walk through one of the many beautiful national forests the state has to offer? I don't think so! If you're… read more »

  • Family Traditions - Florida

    Thanks to Ralph, Vicki, and "Uncle Hoppy", we have a new family tradition... HOG HUNTING! Both my wife and my oldest daughter, Danielle (Dani) killed their first big-game animals with Hoppy at Osceola Outfitters in Florida. This past July, we continued the tradition with my 'baby girl', Adelia (Adi). In 2009 we went to Florida in hopes that Adi would be ready to hunt, but she just wasn't… read more »