Hunting Diary

  • My Unicorn

    Every year I find myself longing to hunt out west. When I got the call from Ralph and Vicki about a New Mexico elk hunt with Top Notch Outfitters I was pumped. I would be joined by a fellow Posse member and respected hunter Damian Riffle. After a 10 hour drive to Missouri I picked him up in Amarillo and headed in to see Brian Newell and to hunt my dream animal. I have hunted elk for 15 years on… read more »

  • Tall Brow Ten

    Beginning in mid-October, my fiancée David and I began getting trail camera pictures of a really good 10 point.  We immediately recognized him as a buck we had pictures of and had passed last season as a 3 ½ year old.  Though his rack was the same basic shape as the previous year, he had added about 15” of antler.  In addition, his brow tines had absolutely blown… read more »

  • Choice ground blind pays off again

    Oct. 19 2012 was a stormy wet day, back home in northern IL., not a day that you wanted to do much outside if you did not have to. I had just returned from hunting in Adams Co. IL. It had been hot down there and deer were not moving very much earlier that week. I checked my trail cameras that day and had another picture of one of my target bucks “Whitey”. This front was just what we needed.… read more »

  • October New Moon!

    After years of hard work and trial and error, I've finally stumbled onto a pattern that has been successful for me. I have been fortunate enough to harvest a mature whitetail buck in Ohio for the past 5 years on this theory which happens within a small window leading up and shortly after to the October New Moon.   Last year it happened to be on Sept 30th which was 2 days after the Sept. New… read more »

  • Kansas buck 2011

    The Kansas rut is in full swing and every chance I get to be in the woods, I am there.. Matt Woodward a fellow hunting buddy tagged out with a nice kansas buck earlier in the week! I was pleased when he offered to film for a few days of his vacation.. November 16th would find us waiting patiently for the sun to rise.. The full moon of November is quickly going away at this time of the month. I personally… read more »

  • Hog Hunting Baby

    Well it all started with the surprise of going to Hoppy’s in Florida for the annual Posse Bash. We turned off the interstate onto this long road, it felt like we were never going to get there. Finally when we arrived at Hoppy’s I had a huge surprise waiting for me. I no more got out of the car until, Vicki came up and asked me if I would like to go hog hunting that evening! I was thrilled.… read more »