Hunting Diary

  • A Plan Comes Together

    The day before Ohio's turkey opener was a nasty day with 40 mph winds, so roosting birds was a big bust!  That being said, waking up at 4 am with a feeling of being unprepared was a bit rough. Without any bird roosted, my game plan switched. Using all my pre-season scouting, I decided to go more with an ambush tactic. Approximately 10 days prior to season, I plowed a new food plot and the… read more »

  • Never Give Up

    On April 6, Kevin Dishong and I headed to Kansas for the bow only portion of the 2011 turkey season. The first thing we did when we walked up to our food plot was check our Stealthcam. We were pumped to see a big group of turkeys had been coming to the clover plot for the past three days in a row. They were coming through between 11:30 am to 2:00 pm. We decided to sit and patiently wait from sunrise… read more »

  • What A Day

    Wow!!!!!  What a morning so far...  This is what we all go to the woods for, good friends, good memories, gobbles, and to take part in a moment of time that will touch us in a place that only hunters know exists… My morning started out as the videographer for fellow POSSE member, Harley Dunsworth, (you should read his story first) but quickly changed to being a predator!!  Just… read more »

  • I’ll Take Luck Over Good Any Day

    It was early November, Manitoba Canada, hunting the rut in my backyard. The weather is wet and warm instead of cold and snowy but we were seeing above normal buck signs in our scouting and on our trail cameras that had not yet been stolen by trespassers,( I never really understood why people steal from fellow hunters) and the grain harvest was early, so fields were cultivated black and any fields that… read more »

  • Choice Groundblind Bruiser

    Like many other fellow bow hunters have been putting up trail cameras, putting in food plots, scouting and looking for shed antlers on my properties for quite some time now. But one property I have not been able to connect on the big boys, due to the lack of good trees where I need them. So this year I decided not to watch the deer from a distance feeding in my food plot and then wander off after dark.… read more »

  • Change is Good

    I had been hunting hard in my home state of Wisconsin with little to show for it. So when Scott Wolfe invited me down to hunt in Illinois, I was excited to change things. The week started out pretty slow. Daytime highs were in the 70's and it was November 8. The first two sits we saw five deer total. On Tuesday night we had a small 4-point come into our doe decoy and have his way with her; that… read more »