Hunting Diary

  • Three Days at Hoppy’s

    It was January 2011 and we were on our Florida trip at Hoppy’s (Osceola Outfitters), ready to shoot something big.  We stayed up late the first night talking. The next morning we woke up and had breakfast – it was a delicious breakfast.  We went outside and practiced with the Ten Point and then we went scouting for a good place to sit in the evening.  While we were scouting,… read more »

  • Long Time Coming

    Our hunting season started October first here in Virginia. The month of October was uneventful and as November rolled around we left home on a three week road trip to hunt Nebraska and Kansas, which by the way was slow and uneventful.   We returned home with only one week of regular rifle season left so we made a couple of trips out during the week after work which didn’t work out. So that… read more »

  • A Sudden Change of Luck

    The story of my first Moose hunt started in Central Florida. I had recently returned from a Spring Bear hunt with Freddy Lagos, when Ralph and Vicki invited me to join them at Osceola Outfitters for some Gator and Hog hunting. I arrived at Hoppy’s place mid-afternoon, and before I could unload my gear and get settled, I was introduced to Fern Duquette and his lovely daughter Kelly. Fern and Kelly… read more »

  • A Plan Comes Together

    The day before Ohio's turkey opener was a nasty day with 40 mph winds, so roosting birds was a big bust!  That being said, waking up at 4 am with a feeling of being unprepared was a bit rough. Without any bird roosted, my game plan switched. Using all my pre-season scouting, I decided to go more with an ambush tactic. Approximately 10 days prior to season, I plowed a new food plot and the… read more »

  • Never Give Up

    On April 6, Kevin Dishong and I headed to Kansas for the bow only portion of the 2011 turkey season. The first thing we did when we walked up to our food plot was check our Stealthcam. We were pumped to see a big group of turkeys had been coming to the clover plot for the past three days in a row. They were coming through between 11:30 am to 2:00 pm. We decided to sit and patiently wait from sunrise… read more »

  • What A Day

    Wow!!!!!  What a morning so far...  This is what we all go to the woods for, good friends, good memories, gobbles, and to take part in a moment of time that will touch us in a place that only hunters know exists… My morning started out as the videographer for fellow POSSE member, Harley Dunsworth, (you should read his story first) but quickly changed to being a predator!!  Just… read more »