Hunting Diary

  • My First Black Bear

    I felt like a young child anxiously counting down the days to summer vacation and after months of preparation and anticipation, June 3rd was finally here. Our journey began at 4:00 am and would consist of 45-hours traveling time from Baytown, TX to Saskatchewan, Canada. The drive was long, but I enjoyed the scenery, wildlife, company, and many laughs we shared along the way. We finally arrived after… read more »

  • Taking out the Trash

    Going into June I was anxious to get my cameras out on my mineral licks.  There was a great 3yr old (we called Trashy) that survived the previous season I was anxious to see!  The first time I checked the cameras, there he was looking great!  I set all my cameras out to focus on patterning this deer.  Opening weekend came and went with out a daylight sighting… read more »

  • Joel’s spring bear

    This was probably the best bear hunt I had ever been on. I was able to share it with my dad, good friend Chris, and quite a few other first time bear hunters. You can just imagine the excitement they all had! When we arrived in Quebec we were greeted by Yvon Champagne of LeGriffe d’Ours. With just a short ride to camp, we unpacked and began to review the trail camera pictures Yvon had. … read more »

  • Zendals Texas Crossbow Buck

    Here in Illinois, the temperatures had been in the single digits and snow was everywhere. A few days after Christmas found Ralph and I on our way to Texas to hunt Whitetails with a good friend John Dedwiler on his private ranch. These deer were wild Texas deer, not the high fence monsters you visualize when you think of Texas Deer. We thought that traveling to the Lone Star State would get us out of… read more »

  • The Rut Is Over

    The rut was wearing on me and I don’t mean the whitetail rut… I mean “my rut”! I was in a hunting rut. If you have hunted long, you know what I mean. Things were tough and nothing was working out in my favor; and after that, it left me more confused, beat up, and broken down. On the morning of November 18, I drug myself out of bed and met up with Harley Dunsworth, who has been… read more »

  • Kickers

    My Illinois whitetail season officially started on October 28.  It was one of those nights when it just felt right and I was excited to be hunting a new stand on a section of the farm I have never hunted before.  A good friend was running the camera as we sat over a Vita Rack Winter Forage plot. This area was originally slated to be corn but I had talked to the landowner and he allowed me… read more »