Hunting Diary

  • Kickers

    My Illinois whitetail season officially started on October 28.  It was one of those nights when it just felt right and I was excited to be hunting a new stand on a section of the farm I have never hunted before.  A good friend was running the camera as we sat over a Vita Rack Winter Forage plot. This area was originally slated to be corn but I had talked to the landowner and he allowed me… read more »

  • The Zama Slamma!!!

    It was the fourth day of a six day hunt and Freddy and I were having an incredible time.  I put my first tag on a 6’6” bear just two days earlier and Freddy and I were still flying high after he tagged a beautiful 6’10” bruin the very next night. This would be my last sit of the trip and I was a bit nervous because it was raining.  We were hunting some very remote… read more »

  • End of the Line

    It’s late May and for us here at ACM that can only mean one thing, Bear’N Down Baby! I was lucky enough to get invited, along with POSSE member Scott Wolfe, to go back up to Northwest Alberta with Jason Packer and Steve Overguard at Big Bear Country Outfitters. Last season was a barnburner and my anticipation was high for this year. Our week up at Big Bear turned out to be better than last… read more »

  • Monkey off my back!!!

    When I got word that I would be heading to Big Bear Country Outfitters in Alberta for a spring bear hunt with Freddy, not a day passed without thoughts of finally going on a bear hunt where things would go right.  Plus, after watching Bear’N Down 10 and seeing the experiences Freddy and Tim had up there last year…I couldn’t help but get a smile on my face as I counted down the… read more »

  • I Broke My “I” Jinx—Finally!!

    We hunt a lot and are truly blessed to be able to do so. We hunt deer all over the U.S. and we live in Illinois. When it’s deer season, we are on the road a bunch and when we get home, I don’t spend much time hunting…I’m usually catching up with RJ and work. With that being said, I haven’t filled an Illinois buck tag since 1999. Yikes!! I have tried, but it just wouldn’t… read more »

  • Long Spurred Osceola

    It seems like I’ve been on the lucky end of surprises this season. First, Ralph and Vicki surprised me with a Javelina hunt down in Texas in December 2010. Now they surprised me with the opportunity at my first Osceola turkey down in Florida with Uncle Hoppy at Osceola Outfitters.   The day started off slow. Ralph, Vicki, Hoppy, and I had roosted a gobbler the night before on the edge of… read more »