Hunting Diary

  • More than a Bear Hunt

    When you work in Corporate America as I do, in the Information Technology field, it is hard to find time to really relax and let your hair down, but that is exactly what I did on this trip to Bear Camp at South Peace Outfitters in Alberta, Canada. Working in the IT field and going to school to get my Master’s degree is hard enough, but dealing with the death of one of my closest friends due to… read more »

  • Moose on a Budget

    If you’ve always dreamed about shooting a big bull moose but didn’t think it was affordable…THINK AGAIN.  I have two words for you….KASHABOWIE OUTPOSTS. What if I told you that, for the price of an outfitted whitetail hunt, you could drive less than two hours into Canada, take a float plane to a remote lake (a lake loaded with big pike and walleye) and find yourself hunting… read more »


    Five days after filling my first of two Illinois buck tags, I took a quick trip to the farm to move a stand.  Jess Johnson was coming down the following week to hunt with me for a few days and I wanted to fine tune the location of a stand that Jess and I hunted last winter.  With everything in place, I figured the next time I visited this stand I would be filming Jess. Just 24 hours later… read more »

  • My First Black Bear

    I felt like a young child anxiously counting down the days to summer vacation and after months of preparation and anticipation, June 3rd was finally here. Our journey began at 4:00 am and would consist of 45-hours traveling time from Baytown, TX to Saskatchewan, Canada. The drive was long, but I enjoyed the scenery, wildlife, company, and many laughs we shared along the way. We finally arrived after… read more »

  • Taking out the Trash

    Going into June I was anxious to get my cameras out on my mineral licks.  There was a great 3yr old (we called Trashy) that survived the previous season I was anxious to see!  The first time I checked the cameras, there he was looking great!  I set all my cameras out to focus on patterning this deer.  Opening weekend came and went with out a daylight sighting… read more »

  • Joel’s spring bear

    This was probably the best bear hunt I had ever been on. I was able to share it with my dad, good friend Chris, and quite a few other first time bear hunters. You can just imagine the excitement they all had! When we arrived in Quebec we were greeted by Yvon Champagne of LeGriffe d’Ours. With just a short ride to camp, we unpacked and began to review the trail camera pictures Yvon had. … read more »