Hunting Diary

  • Paradise Island

    Last summer we were trying to find a place in Nebraska beings it was so close to Kansas. After a couple of months of making phone calls and tracking down leads we finally come across a rancher named Steve in south central Nebraska who had a genuine love for deer and deer hunting.  After speaking to Steve several times on the phone, they also had a love for farming and Angus cattle and he and terry… read more »

  • Caribou Caribou Everywhere

    Caribou, Caribou Everywhere! In late July I got the call from Ralph and Vicki to join Joe Rush on the tundra of Quebec. Of course I accepted and the wait was on. I knew it would be a demanding hunt so I trained hard to prepare for the hunt. I was in luck because we were going to Colorado two weeks prior to this hunt. So I was in great shape for both hunts. After I killed my first elk ever and on film… read more »

  • Elk the Hard way

     15 years ago my dad set out on a quest to kill an elk with a Recurve. It was simple enough said that there was no reason it should not be a quest he could not complete. 15 years later we sit here and he still has the same goal. Most people do not understand what it takes to kill an elk, let alone try to kill one with a Recurve. We have elk hunted the same place in Glenwood Springs, CO for 4 years… read more »

  • British Columbia and Vancouver Island Black Bears– By Default

    Sometimes bad things happen that you can’t control, and sometimes bad things bring good things.  Ralph’s unfortunate luck of needing emergency knee surgery turned out to be a blessing to Zendal and I.  We’d both been to Trophy West Guides and Outfitters filming Ralph and Vicki in the past, and I was slated to go back and film them this year.  However, the tables turned… read more »

  • I Missed a Turkey with a Benelli!

    Well that got your attention!! Ralph and I headed down to Florida to hunt Osceola turkeys with Hoppy Kempfer at Osceola Outfitters, and as usual, we had a great trip!! We had invited some good friends to join us on this hunt, Mr. Jim Zumbo and Don Lind (from South Peace Outfitters, in Alberta). Ralph also decided that we need to surprise Freddy, our emotional one at the office, and gave up his turkey… read more »

  • Dream Black Bear Hunt on Vancouver Island

    It was April when I found out I would be hunting Black Bears on Vancouver Island with Joe. He and I had not hunted together since we had hunted Alaskan Moose with Wade Renfro a few years back. I knew it was going to be a trip to remember. We would be spot and stalk hunting with a Thompson Center muzzleloader on the island with Trophy West, owned by Glenn Venus, located in Sayward, British Columbia.… read more »