Hunting Diary

  • Third Time’s a Charm

    My dad, mom and I took a trip down to Florida this past July.  I thought I would hang out with friends while other people hunted and my mom and dad filmed.  Little did I know on Thursday afternoon, Mr. Hoppy surprised the kids by telling us we were going hunting tonight.  I was excited!  He asked if everyone one was okay with guns and I said, “not really…I’m not… read more »

  • Montana on my Mind

    Montana on my Mind Hunter: David Wozniak Cameraman: Kevin Dishhong It all started with a phone call from Joe Rush at Archer’s Choice back in the spring. An opportunity to hunt trophy whitetails with Powder River Outfitters in southeast Montana had arisen and Joe wanted to know if I’d be interested in going. Better yet, the hunt would take place in early-September and many of the bucks would… read more »

  • Itsa Whopper!

    “Itsa Whopper” I headed out in early July to meet up with Ralph and Vicki, along with the office guys and a bunch of the Posse members, to spend some time training, filming, etc.  When I found out our destination was Osceola Outfitters in Florida, that little buzzer thingy went off in my head.  That “buzzer” was reminding me that an alligator hunt was something on… read more »

  • Second Time Around

    Second Time Around Late Muzzleloader season has been pretty productive hunting, over our food plots the last several years. This year’s weather was rather mild, there was still a lot of green for the deer to eat but the food plots were still doing their job. As Kim and I climbed in our stand which was a new shooting box we built over the summer, we had high hopes for a productive evening, even… read more »

  • Good things come to those who wait

    November   22nd we have been in Kansas for two weeks, Kim is tagged out and she has been filming me since she killed her buck and I only have two days left to hunt.  The rut is winding down and I am beginning to wonder if it’s going to happen this year for me.  I am still seeing deer just not the mature buck I’m after.    The morning hunt was slow and… read more »

  • My First with a Bow

    November 16th I found myself back in the stand, not even 24 hours after taking my Nebraska buck. I’m back in the stand this time in Kansas, and instead of having my trusty T.C. I now have my Hoyt Vicxen and I’m looking forward for my first bow kill. My stand was tucked into a wooded draw which ran through the center of an extremely large pasture. Kansas had a very good growing season, this… read more »