Hunting Diary

  • Brrrr’n Down-Illinois

    This story starts in July of ’09. I was coming off a successful year with my first attempt at food plots and I was excited about putting in a few more this season. There was a small fenced in one acre field at one of my spots where the landowner had planted corn back in 2006. I would walk by this field every night heading back to my truck and there were always deer in it. The following two years… read more »

  • The Lucky Jacket

    Thursday October 21 seemed to be the day for me to go out and hunt. We had a POSSE member, Bill Ball come through the area after a hunt he had been on and was on his way to come visit us here at ACM. The light bulb went on!!! Give Bill a call and see if he would be available for an afternoon. I called and he said "yes, what time?", so we were putting together a plan. Joe said that we should get a ground… read more »

  • “Show Me”

    I hunted the last 4-1/2 days of the Missouri's early archery season with hopes of getting a nice buck with my Hoyt bow, and then get to use my firearm permit during the following three days of the ten day rifle season. On the third day of my bow hunt, my oldest son Sage flew out to meet me. He did some scouting on his first day there, while awaiting the opening of rifle season. On my final afternoon… read more »