Hunting Diary

  • First VICXEN Harvest - Ohio

    This story starts back in October during the all women’s hunt at Eagle Lakes Outfitters. Ralph and Vicki walked into Ted and Tina’s house with their arms filled with brand new HOYT VICXEN bows for each of us. I couldn’t believe it! I was so excited not just because I had a brand new bow, but because HOYT designed a bow specifically made for the female hunter! I couldn’t wait… read more »

  • Didn’t Expect It - Ohio

    Jeff Becka and I have been hunting and filming for over a decade, and although Jeff has several trophies on his wall and a few kills on tape, you might say he was in a slump. Three years ago we were lucky enough to be invited to be part of the Archers Choice Posse, and since that time I have enjoyed my share of success. It seemed that in recent years, every time we were able to take an animal on film,… read more »

  • Last Day - Virginia

    After a good start to the 2009 deer season, some success during bow season, and a great early muzzleloader season, our general firearms season was pretty slow with lots of rain, warm temperatures, and little deer movement. We almost didn’t hunt on the last day (Saturday, November 28), because we had to pack and get ready to leave for our annual trip to Kansas the next morning. The morning hunt… read more »

  • The Perfect Russ Buck - Manitoba

    I have to admit, I am a numbers guy.  Shortly after I started hunting, I became an official Pope and Young measurer and associate member.  I just recently became a Regular member and have maintained my measurer’s status throughout the last 15 years or so.  One of the benefits to being a measurer is getting your hands on all kinds of antlers and skulls.  It’s awesome… read more »

  • We Got a Bear - Manitoba

    It was the time of year when everyone starts thinking about their deer hotspots, capturing pics on their Stealthcams, and picking the perfect spot to set up their Ameristep treestand or will a ground blind work better for that area… But not me…. I had some unfinished business from Spring – an unfilled Manitoba Bear Tag. At first I thought I would be okay with not getting a bear… read more »

  • Fantasy Island - Anticosti

    In today’s world of BIG BUCKS we sometimes lose sight of what it’s all about. I have seen so many people lose their families to this increasing obsession of shooting the biggest buck you can. Seen them not only lose relationships, but neglect nearly everything in their lives, and we found a place that truly puts us back into the proper prospective of all this deer hunting. Anticosti Island,… read more »