Hunting Diary

  • Calling Coyotes - Illinois

    One of the best times of year to call coyotes in Illinois starts one week after the last deer gun season and lasts until the end of February. This is a good time to call coyotes for several reasons; it is coyote mating season, it is cold, which requires the coyote to seek more food.  They require two and a half pounds of food per day just to exist.  Finally, the gut piles from deer season… read more »

  • Round 2 - Anticosti

    After a day of travel, Gary and I settled into the hotel in Montreal.  The next day we would catch another flight to the camp of Cerf-Sau Outfitters, this would be my second attempt at taking an island whitetail off Anticosti. The Flight was very full of hunters anxiously waiting to get to the island, settle in, have one of the meals the island is famous for, and start the hunt they have awaited… read more »

  • Second Tag - Anticosti

    One of the BEST things about going to Anticosti is that you have TWO deer tags!  Both tags are good for bucks or does!  Now that Freddy turned the Jupiter River into “the Red River” with his buck, I was “back in the saddle” of the shooter’s seat, and Cowboy was trying to help us fill my second tag. While driving back towards camp (with Fred’s buck safely… read more »

  • Cowboy and the .300 - Anticosti

    It was 2 a.m. on December 5, 2009, my birthday, when Ralph and Vicki picked me up at my place. We loaded my gear and headed to Joe’s, who lives only a few blocks from me, tossed his gear in the truck and headed for O’Hare Airport. We were starting the first of what would be four flights to get to Anticosti Island and hunt with our good friends up at Sepaq Anticosti. After what seemed like… read more »

  • Illinois Arctic - Illinois

    The snow was falling and the temperatures were dropping as we counted down the remaining days left to the Illinois deer season. We had been keeping a close eye on our HS Vita-Rack food plots for the last two weeks and with this last cold spell, the deer were hitting them hard. We consistently had a multitude of does, young bucks, and 4-6 good bucks working the food plots and then moving off to the… read more »

  • Captivating Island - Anticosti

    Anticosti Island... If I had to use one word to explain that place, it would have to be “captivating.” I suppose I say this about a lot of the places I’ve been with Ralph, Vicki, The POSSE and Archer’s Choice Media in general, but “The Island” has a unique, “captivating” stigma about it. First of all, it’s an island, and islands are ‘captivating’… read more »