Hunting Diary

  • Redemption

    As most hunters do, I had high hopes heading into bow season 2010.  We had some decent action during the first few weeks of the season, but the latter part of October and first couple weeks of November, typically prime time here in Ohio, was unusually slow.  Other than a having a great encounter with a heavy-beamed, huge-bodied 8 point in early-November, the first 2 months of the season were… read more »

  • The Acorn Buck

    For weeks leading up to my return home from Iraq and Kuwait, where I had been deployed with the US Army, I had looked forward to my first ever season of hunting.   Upon my arrival in late-summer, my boyfriend David Wozniak and I began preparing for the upcoming bow season here in Ohio.  We worked hard planting food plots, hanging tree stands and trimming shooting lanes.  David ordered… read more »

  • My First Whitetail

    During this past summer I practiced shooting my bow a lot.  Mom and dad had bought me a new Hoyt Ruckus.  Dad had me practice shooting a Delta McKenzie target from the ground.  Then, we started practicing climbing a tree using our Ameristep Rapid Rails.  Once I got comfortable climbing and locking myself into my Hunter Safety System we started practicing from the tree stand. … read more »


    JESS JOHNSON – KASHABOWIE MOOSE HUNT STORY SEPTEMBER, 2012 DIY MOOSE MANIA AT 6 ½ YARDS Around last Christmas I received a call from my good friend and fellow Posse member Scott Wolfe.  He asked me if I would be interested in going moose hunting with him and two other friends at Kashabowie Outpost in Ontario, Canada.  Obviously it didn’t take me long to say “yes”… read more »

  • Unexpected Hog Hunt

    So the day started like any other day at Hoppy’s (AKA – Osceola Outfitters, Florida)!  We were hanging out with the crew who was now like family.  We had helped clean up some stuff from one heck of a fun Posse Bash –translation, hunting hogs and gators with our A.C.M. sponsors…what a blast! As it got later in the day it was time to find out the plans for the evening. … read more »

  • Moose hunt

    Today September 13th 2012, myself along with 7 other hunters are experiencing the most spectacular plane ride ever. Fortunately we were able to pack everyone's gear on board. The only thing I felt I really needed was my Hoyt bow. This is what I will carry for the next ten days while in search of the giant Yukon moose. Our pilot has carefully weighed our gear and estimated everyone's weight. … read more »