Hunting Diary

  • Little Trophy, Big State - Texas

    How could such a small animal provide such a big rush? At least a dozen javelina started to filter out from the South Texas brush country. These were the first javelina I had ever seen, and the moment of truth was upon me. I had driven across the country for an opportunity at one of these giant rodents, and finally after three days of hunting, I was presented with the chance to harvest one. My heart… read more »

  • Texas Eight Point - Texas

    Here in Illinois, the temperatures had been in the single digits and snow was everywhere. A few days after Christmas found Ralph and I on our way to Texas to hunt Whitetails with a good friend John Dedwylder on his private ranch. These deer were wild Texas deer, not the high fence monsters you visualize when you think of Texas deer. We thought that traveling to the Lone Star State would get us out… read more »

  • Texas in December - Texas

    It was cold back home and Z & I felt great as we walked down the tunnel to get on our plane to fly south to Texas and hunt with a friend of ours, John Dedwylder. John is a veterinarian for whitetail deer and travels all over the country helping people with their deer. He invited us to hunt his low fence ranch in Texas and we were pumped to get away from the freezing cold temperatures of Northern… read more »

  • Rewarding Season - Ohio

    Heading into Ohio’s 2009-2010 bow season, my two main hunting/filming partners (my wife Danielle and good friend James “Jimmy” Fouts) and I had high expectations. The previous fall, October 30, 2009 to be exact, Danielle and I were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Aleah Nicole. While I wouldn’t change a thing about that whole experience, the timing obviously affected the… read more »

  • South of the Border Buck - Mexico

    It was cold and snowing in Illinois when Ralph, Zendal, Freddy and I headed out to the airport to fly to San Antonio, TX! We were to spend the night there and then head out in our rental to Eagle Pass, TX to meet up with Mike and Cathy Wheatley from MC Outdoor Adventures! We were going to be doing some Mexican Whitetail Deer hunting with them down near Muzquiz, Mexico! Old Mexico!!! We met up with… read more »

  • All the Way to Mexico - Mexico

    This hunt started while we were doing an appearance down at Wulf’s Sporting goods in Texas last year. Cathy Wheatley, co-owner of MC Outdoors Adventures, waited to talk with Vicki & I about possibly coming to hunt with them down in Old Mexico. Now I know many of you have heard all the BAD stuff going on down there, but after doing some research, we found out that where Cathy & Mike run… read more »