Hunting Diary

  • He’s Down! - Ohio

    The 2009 turkey season started out like no other.  Youth season in Ohio opened April 18, and Tony and I decided we wanted to take two little boys out to harvest turkeys.  Unfortunately the turkeys would not cooperate.  It was weird, for the first time we didn’t hear a single gobble.  It was as if the turkeys had vanished.  We couldn’t believe it and we were very… read more »

  • Jackson’s First Turkey - Virginia

    This story begins back in January of 2009 at Eagle Lakes outfitters where I had gone on an archery bow hunt. We had a great group in camp, one of which was Jerry Moody A.K.A. “Junebug”, who I found out lives only two hours south of us in North Carolina. Before we left Pike County I invited Junebug to bring his son Jackson up to Virginia for a turkey hunt on our youth day. After returning… read more »

  • Nap Time - Illinois

    I see a pattern developing!!!! On November 12th of 2008 I was on the Archer's Choice forum whining about how tough my deer season was going!!! Then very next day I shot my first booner!!! Well, recently I was talking to Kevin Dishong, fellow POSSE member, explaining to him why turkey hunting wasn't as fun for me as it used to be. I told him about my past 5-6 years of hunting that were extremely… read more »

  • The Arctic in Iowa - Iowa

    It was late December, and I had a tag that was truly burning a hole in my pocket, a coveted Iowa muzzleloader tag. I would be hunting with Aaron Volkmar’s "Tails of the Hunt" operation. I was hunting with Ralph in Texas right after Christmas, which pushed Iowa back a few days. My anticipation of this trip was almost over-whelming; I wanted to be there yesterday. Pushing this trip back those few… read more »

  • Late Season Doe - Ohio

    With only 2 weekends left in the 2009-2010 Ohio bow season, I still had a doe tag left to complete my season. My good friend and frequent hunting/filming partner, Jimmy Fouts, still had his buck tag as well as a doe tag left, so our main goal as we prepared for another COLD sit, was for him to get a crack at a good buck.  Gracious as always, Jimmy insisted we begin the afternoon with me as the… read more »

  • Unexpected Surprise - Kansas

    Our annual trip to Kansas was already a success with Kim taking a great 10 point, even though we were caught off guard. It was now my turn and our hopes were high that I would also be able to put a Kansas tag on a great buck. December 5, 2009 Our morning hunt was exciting. We hunted a stand between a large field and a cedar thicket. We climbed into our Ameristep stands at daylight and soon after, we… read more »