Hunting Diary

  • Opening Day - Pennsylvania

    It was the evening before our 2009 PA turkey season opened. Holly and I went to set the bind up for the following mornings hunt. We already had a blind setup but we wanted to setup another one about 100 yards to the east. We just got done setting our Ameristep Choice blind up, and getting our gear together to leave when we heard a bunch of turkeys fly up to roost. We heard at least 4 different gobblers… read more »

  • Early Morning Success - New York

    May 1, 2009 , my father and I made our annual trip to New York. I wish I had more to tell about this hunt, but it turned out to be one of the quickest turkey hunts I’ve ever experienced. We sat together before dawn just waiting to hear the first gobble…it never came! We decided to head back toward the truck and try another spot that had produced for us in the past. As we got setup into… read more »

  • He’s Down! - Ohio

    The 2009 turkey season started out like no other.  Youth season in Ohio opened April 18, and Tony and I decided we wanted to take two little boys out to harvest turkeys.  Unfortunately the turkeys would not cooperate.  It was weird, for the first time we didn’t hear a single gobble.  It was as if the turkeys had vanished.  We couldn’t believe it and we were very… read more »

  • Jackson’s First Turkey - Virginia

    This story begins back in January of 2009 at Eagle Lakes outfitters where I had gone on an archery bow hunt. We had a great group in camp, one of which was Jerry Moody A.K.A. “Junebug”, who I found out lives only two hours south of us in North Carolina. Before we left Pike County I invited Junebug to bring his son Jackson up to Virginia for a turkey hunt on our youth day. After returning… read more »

  • Nap Time - Illinois

    I see a pattern developing!!!! On November 12th of 2008 I was on the Archer's Choice forum whining about how tough my deer season was going!!! Then very next day I shot my first booner!!! Well, recently I was talking to Kevin Dishong, fellow POSSE member, explaining to him why turkey hunting wasn't as fun for me as it used to be. I told him about my past 5-6 years of hunting that were extremely… read more »

  • The Arctic in Iowa - Iowa

    It was late December, and I had a tag that was truly burning a hole in my pocket, a coveted Iowa muzzleloader tag. I would be hunting with Aaron Volkmar’s "Tails of the Hunt" operation. I was hunting with Ralph in Texas right after Christmas, which pushed Iowa back a few days. My anticipation of this trip was almost over-whelming; I wanted to be there yesterday. Pushing this trip back those few… read more »