Hunting Diary


    In 2013 I was all set to head up to Adrenaline Outfitters for my first bear hunt with a fellow Posse member.  Due to a family emergency that Posse member had to pull out of the hunt and therefore I headed up to Adrenaline alone.  I made the 10+ hour drive and met up with Russ, Shelley and Luke.  After hanging out a bit, I followed Russ up to camp.  Little did I know that Russ, one… read more »

  • Quebec Ultimate Destination 2015

    My husband RJ and I have been Pro-Staff for Archer’s Choice Media with Ralph and Vicki for a little over a year now. We were working their booth at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA, when they asked us if we would like to go to Quebec in May for a bear hunt. The reason they asked was to accompany the winner of the Quebec Tourism’s Quebec Ultimate Destination Contest. The… read more »

  • Caribou Adventure

    On August 10th, I received a call from Archer's Choice asking if I would like to go on a caribou hunt in Nunavut. My first thought was "of course", but then I found out we would be leaving September 3rd. That was going to make things a little tough because that only gave me three weeks. However, after some work calls and receiving an encouraging nudge from my wife, I made the call to let them know… read more »

  • 3’s A Charm

    This is the 3rd mature buck that I have shot from an Ameristep Ground Blind, and to think I use to shun the thought of sitting in a ground blind. I have become a believer! We had been getting a few trailcam pics of this buck during the beginning of the season but had yet to lay our eyes on him. All the sign was there, the rubs the scrapes and the pictures we just had not got the timing right. I knew… read more »

  • Gun Deer Season- WI

    I got up opening morning and was excited to go sit on my mom’s family farm.  We wished dad luck because he would be hunting with my Grandpa.  We loaded up my Thompson Center and drove to Grandma’s to have breakfast with the rest of the family.  After a good breakfast we headed out to our stand.  When we first got into the stand we sat for about 30 minutes before we saw… read more »

  • My first turkey

    My First Turkey You could say it all started in 2013 when Scott Wolfe asked me to get tags for the Spring Turkey season. Having never hunted turkey before I was very hesitant to say the least. The draw was never there for me. They were always considered a dumb bird and not much of a challenge to hunt. My family never hunted them while I was growing up so it was all new and uncharted territory for me.… read more »