Hunting Diary

  • My first turkey

    My First Turkey You could say it all started in 2013 when Scott Wolfe asked me to get tags for the Spring Turkey season. Having never hunted turkey before I was very hesitant to say the least. The draw was never there for me. They were always considered a dumb bird and not much of a challenge to hunt. My family never hunted them while I was growing up so it was all new and uncharted territory for me.… read more »

  • Alberta Monster Buck

    Caught a glimpse of him on my first day back scouting from the Yukon. Immediately set out trail cams in the bush and fields. Got some pics in the next couple days and a couple missed opportunities. The land he was on had lots of hunting pressure so I had the Thompson Center omega and Hoyt with me. Was sitting amongst bales, was covered in does when I noticed him standing in the edge of the bush. Behind… read more »

  • Iowa Muzzleloader

    As a 46 year old boy from Illinois, I’m not quite sure why it took me this long to chase Iowa whitetails…especially since I can see Iowa from my back deck.  The excitement started earlier in the year when a friend and I got word that we had been selected to hunt deer during the late muzzleloader season. Our first trip to the Cianciarulo farm in southwest Iowa began in mid-December. … read more »

  • River bottoms to alfalfa fields!

      Every year in September I plan a trip out west to hunt elk, mule deer or antelope. This year I am headed to eastern Montana with fellow Posse member David Wozniak to hunt those river bottom whitetails..  We are hunting with Powder river outfitters and let me tell you they have the animals!!!  It didn't take long for me to fall in love with the Cottonwood lined river bottoms that… read more »

  • My Unicorn

    Every year I find myself longing to hunt out west. When I got the call from Ralph and Vicki about a New Mexico elk hunt with Top Notch Outfitters I was pumped. I would be joined by a fellow Posse member and respected hunter Damian Riffle. After a 10 hour drive to Missouri I picked him up in Amarillo and headed in to see Brian Newell and to hunt my dream animal. I have hunted elk for 15 years on… read more »

  • Tall Brow Ten

    Beginning in mid-October, my fiancée David and I began getting trail camera pictures of a really good 10 point.  We immediately recognized him as a buck we had pictures of and had passed last season as a 3 ½ year old.  Though his rack was the same basic shape as the previous year, he had added about 15” of antler.  In addition, his brow tines had absolutely blown… read more »