Our Crew
Shelley Mehling
  • HOYT Salena
  • Beman Black Max Arrows
  • NAP Quikspin ST Vanes
  • NAP Nitron Broadheads
  • TruGlo Tru Site Extreme Sight
  • Hunter Safety System
  • Realtree AP Camo
  • Nikon Monarch Scope
  • Thompson Center Encore .50 cal Muzzleloader and .280 cal Centerfire
  • TenPoint Crossbow
  • ROCKY Gear

Shelley Mehling - Manitoba, Canada

"My favorite hunt was the first time I had a successful hunt. We went caribou hunting and I had no idea if I would be able to pull the trigger on an animal. But once I caught my breath from the tundra marathon we had just run, raised my Dad's .308 and settled the crosshairs on the caribou, it just felt natural. I can't explain what all I felt after the bullet hit it's mark, and to date, I am still overcome with those same emotions. "

I grew up in Manitoba and my Mom, Dad, and brother were all avid hunters. Fishing, Deer Hunting, Grouse hunting, were our family holidays, their social life was the friends they hunted with and I shared their love for the outdoors. I never declined an invitation to the numerous nature hikes that my parents would take me on and had a huge soft spot for all animals (even shed a few tears if we drove over a frog). I can see why the idea of me hunting never crossed their minds but that would change when my then fiance’, now husband, Russ, who had never hunted before, took an interest in it.

Neat fact: my Dad was introduced to hunting by my Grandfather around 1963 while dating my Mom. My brother introduced his friend to hunting - that friend ended up marrying my sister. Including my nieces and nephews, my Grandpa is responsible for introducing 14 to the joy of hunting - What is your legacy?

Hunting turned out to be one more thing that Russ and I shared a passion for and ever since booking an elk hunt in Colorado for our honeymoon, hunting has allowed us to keep the freezer full, experience more places, learn more about the outdoors, share amazing moments with our son Luke, and meet like-minded friends. The 1st time I met Ralph & Vicki, I wanted to be a part of their mission to unite hunters, and with my family's history, it just seemed right for me to find a way to introduce others to the world of hunting. With the help of a camera, I hope to share the nerves, anticipation, adrenaline, beauty, respect, and rewards that hunting generates. Just like hunting, it is a learning process that I am thoroughly enjoying, just like hunting, I wish I could spend more time doing it, and and just like hunting, I get to share it with those closest to me.