Our Crew
Scott Standiford
  • HOYT AlphaMax 35 53# @ 29"
  • Beman 500 ICS Hunter
  • NAP QuikFletch Vanes
  • NAP HellRazor Broadheads
  • NAP Quiktune 750 Rest
  • TruGlo Rangerover 1-pin Sight
  • Hunter Safety System
  • Hunter's Specialties Scent-A-Way Products
  • Ameristep Treestands & Blinds
  • Realtree AP Camo
  • Nikon 800 Rangefinder
  • Nikon 8 x 42 Binos
  • Thompson Center Prohunter .50 cal Muzzleloader, .270 cal Centerfire, and .300 cal Centerfire
  • ROCKY Gear

Scott Standiford - Texas

"September 18, 1982 (Opening Day Wisconsin Archery Season - age 14). This was the first night I ever sat in a treestand as a licensed bowhunter. Later that evening I had twin fork-horns walk up and eat acorns within 10 yards of my tree. It was all I could do to draw back my bow. I don’t recall aiming, but I do remember the sound of my broadhead and arrow drilling the center of a 20” diameter oak tree. I was not even close to the buck, but I sure had stories to tell anyone who would listen... I was now an official BOWHUNTER!"

I grew up in Wisconsin and learned about hunting and fishing along the Black River. After college, I came to Texas and now work as a Personal Trainer for the Park Cities YMCA (Dallas).

Kimberly & I met when she leased me an apartment and was “supposed” to introduce me to some “single girls”... she FAILED miserably! Kimberly’s family didn’t have any hunting land either, but I came to grips with it and we’ve moved ahead. Our life together has been great. Ten years of marriage and we are blessed with 3 beautiful & healthy children who are excited about going hunting this fall.

This will be our first season with Ralph & Vicki. We were very pleased when they asked Kimberly & I (along with our kiddo’s) to be a part of their POSSE! We are really excited about this opportunity and are looking forward to the upcoming season. Just like the rest of the POSSE and viewers around the world, we are squeezing in as much outdoor time as we can, between jobs, kids activities, and other responsibilities. We are really looking forward to bringing some interesting outdoor experiences to our new Archer's Choice family. Our adventures begin in Texas, but we have plans for several other states this year as well including Kansas & Ohio. Whitetails & hogs to begin the year and who knows what else we may end up chasing.