Our Crew
Rod McGrath

Rod McGrath - Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

"The best is yet to come for Arlene and myself—the opportunity to share the stand with Gates and Macy on their first Big Game hunt in Manitoba."

I am a dedicated family man, an avid outdoorsman, and a hard-core bowhunting junky that has hunted from the wilds of Alaska and the Yukon, to the swamps of Florida. When not working as a consultant and part time outfitter, My family and I, (Arlene, Gates, and Macy), can be found hunting, fishing and enjoying the Canadian outdoors. In Canada, a young hunter must be 12 years of age and have passed a hunter safety course before being able to hunt. This means Gates,(11) and Macy, (10) have been relegated to guide and perform camera duties for a couple more years. Sharing bear stands with Gates and Macy has been the most memorable and exciting times in the woods. Gates filmed and guided Dad to a beautiful 375 lb. cinnamon bear in 2009. Macy is looking forward to her turn with Dad in the spring 2010. Filming hunts and outdoor experiences for Archer's Choice has become the norm for the McGrath family and has presented its own exciting challenges. Reviewing hunts and trail cam photos is a family event that has enhanced the overall outdoor experience.