Our Crew
Joel Penner
  • HOYT X-Tech 72# @ 29"
  • Easton Axis arrows
  • NAP QuikSpin Vanes
  • Scott Release
  • Nikon Rangefinder
  • Nikon Binos
  • Hunter Safety System
  • Realtree AP Camo
  • Ameristep Treestands

Joel Penner - Manitoba Canada

"The first P&Y buck that I shot, it was the first time I controlled my buck fever and the patience worked everything out for a successful day, It scored 129 7/8" and I remember every second of that hunt!"

Started to shoot bow at the age of 20, that was 22 years ago, I have two sons, Jesse 9, Wyatt 7, and a daughter Ella 5, and my wife Tara. I have harvested Moose, Whitetail, Black bear, Wild boar, and central barrenground Caribou with a P&Y candidate in each species, but nothing gets my heart pumping like the Whitetail do!

I met Ralph & Vicki in the Yukon and had the privilege of guiding them on their first Yukon moose hunt. We hit it off very well and had a great time in camp and through that, I along with my fellow guides and friends, Russ Mehling and Rod McGrath, we became the first Canadian POSSE members.

Since that time my family has been to Florida a couple of times with Ralph, Vicki, and RJ to Hoppy Kempfer's ranch to spend some time with our families hunting wild boar on the ranch. Met and became friends with the Kempfer family along with ‘Freddy no neck’ and ‘rushing Joe Rush’. Along the way I met fellow POSSE members ‘Zendal big miss’, Gary Smoot, Tony and Dusty Perillo, Lonnie and Meegan Turnbeaugh, David and Danielle Wozniak, and actually was guided by Bucky Beckham in KS before he became a POSSE member. I also met Steve North about 15 years ago when he came up to hunt at a bear camp that I was guiding. The hunting community is actually pretty small and it is amazing how a common passion can create instant friendships for years. And then there is the ever spunky Arlene. If you need something done Arlene, Ralph’s Mom, is the pit-bull of success. Arlene will let you know exactly the way things roll and I dare anyone to say otherwise, at least to her face. Everybody loves Arlene.

My time as part of the Archer's Choice POSSE has been a great time with a lot of wonderful experiences that were caught on and off camera and I know without a doubt that Ralph and Vicki are the real deal and that Ralph started as a hunter first and foremost, then evolved into one of the greatest hunting celebrities today dragging a willing partner with him, which would be his wife and best friend Vicki. I am just an average joe blow collar worker and I am proud to be able to call Ralph and Vicki my friends.