Our Crew
Freddy Lagos
  • HOYT Maxxis 66# @ 28.5"
  • Beman ICS 340
  • NAP 100 Spitfire MaXX's Broadheads
  • TruGlo Sight & Quiver
  • Nikon Archer’s Choice Rangefinder
  • Nikon Monarch X Binos
  • Hunter Safety System
  • Realtree AP Camo
  • Ameristep Treestands & Blinds
  • Hunter's Specialties Scent-A-Way
  • Scott Release
  • ROCKY Gear

Freddy Lagos - Illinois

"I would have to say that my favorite hunting experience was any hunt from my childhood with my Uncle Bubba. R.I.P. Love ya man, miss ya every time I’m in the woods!"

Freddy was introduced to archery by his uncle and long time hunting buddy, Bubba, at the age of five, and has been shooting bow and arrow ever since. Freddy bought his very first new bow from Ralph’s pro shop, Archer’s Choice, many years ago. Freddy used to shoot and practice at the shop every week, so he remembers Ralph when he still had a full head of hair.

He began hunting at the age of nine, cutting his teeth on squirrels, and took his first whitetail at the age of ten with his bow. Not only does he enjoy hunting, but he likes fishing and other sports as well... GO WHITE SOX!! Freddy is the proud papa of 4 little girls, Ana, Elizabeth, Emma, and Victoria and can’t wait to share the outdoor lifestyle with them. Freddy also enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife of 3 years, Francis. He introduced her to turkey hunting while they were still dating, and just like him, she was hooked! Actually she likes to hunt so much that they spent their honeymoon in Florida hunting hogs.

Freddy went to college and received a degree in radio and television broadcasting but never dreamed of turning his passion for the outdoors into his career. Before landing the job here at Archer’s Choice Media, Inc., he was a regular viewer of the Archer’s Choice TV Show. Believe it or not, a simple e-mail began the process of turning his dream into reality. Nearly eight years and one Golden Moose later, here we are! Freddy is a producer/editor of Archer’s Choice Media, Inc. Check out his work behind the scenes, and tune in each week, as you might get to see the big guy in tears.