Our Crew
David Wozniak
  • Hoyt AlphaMax 32 69# @ 28.5"
  • Beman MFX Classic 400 Arrows
  • NAP Twister Vanes
  • NAP Spitfire MaXX Broadheads
  • NAP Apache Rest
  • TruGlo Rangerover Sight
  • Hunter Safety System
  • Hunter's Specialties Scent-A-Way Products
  • Ameristep Treestands & Blinds
  • Realtree AP Camo
  • Scott Sabertooth Release
  • Nikon Archer’s Choice Rangefinder
  • Nikon Monarch Binos
  • ROCKY Gear
  • Cabela's Backpack

David Wozniak - Ohio

"I would have to say my favorite hunting experiences would be shooting a gross Boone and Crockett whitetail on my own property in 2007 or any hunts my Dad took me on growing up. I’m sure I slowed him down, but he always took the time to take me hunting and those hunts with him all those years ago, helped get me hooked on the lifestyle I love so much today."

I live in a rural area of east-central Ohio with my 2-½ year old daughter, Aleah, and our 2 labs, Boone and Crockett (go figure!). I have hunted for more years than I care to admit (LOL) and have been filming hunts for the past 9 years. I was fortunate enough to join the Archer's Choice Media POSSE in the spring of 2008. I have always tried to promote the hunting lifestyle so many of us hold so dear and being with Archer's Choice, has been a tremendous opportunity to do so. During this time I've met some great people and created new friendships that hopefully will last a lifetime. Along the way, I have gotten to experience a couple of hunts I've dreamed of since I began hunting.

I've always enjoyed not only attending hunting shows and events, but working them as well. With Archer's Choice, I've had chances to be involved in setting up and helping with a number of shows, which has been a blast.

Even though I've been filming hunts for years, being with Archer's Choice has given me a completely different perspective on this industry. My learning curve for filming the past three years has been steep! I anticipated that there would be, but until you experience it firsthand, you have no idea how much goes into producing a top-notch finished "product", whether it be a DVD or television show! Everyone spends a ton of time, hard work, and effort to create something we can all be proud of. I know personally I have worked extremely hard and spent countless hours to help contribute to the overall goals of the team, but it has been a true labor of love! Archer's Choice has helped me improve my filming ability exponentially and they have strived to continue to make me be the best cameraman I can be. Ralph and Vicki and the rest of The Archer's Choice crew are a group of true professionals who are in this business for the right reasons and are committed to helping grow the hunting lifestyle we all love so much. I appreciate all they have done for me and feel privileged to say I am a part of this. Remember, keep your eye on the prize and ALWAYS shoot straight from the heart!