Our Crew
Chet Barber
  • HOYT AlphaMax 70# @ 26.5"
  • Beman 400 ICS Hunters Arrows
  • NAP QuikFletch Vanes
  • NAP HellRazor Broadheads
  • NAP SmartRest
  • TruGlo Rangerover Sight
  • Hunter Safety System
  • Realtree AP Camo
  • Scott Little Goose Release
  • Plano Bow Case
  • Hunter's Specialties Scent-A-Way Products
  • Ameristep Treestands & Blinds
  • Nikon Archer’s Choice Rangefinder
  • Nikon Monarch Binos
  • Thompson Center Muzzleloader
  • ROCKY Gear

Chet Barber - Missouri

"One of my favorite hunts would have to be my first buck with my bow, a nice 130, 14-point in a pouring down rain storm. I was looking down a creek bed when I saw this deer, and I put that Spitfire right on the mark. He only went 40 yards before he fell."

I am 34 years old and have been married to my very outstanding wife Shelley for 11-½ years. We have two yellow Labs that take the place of children, Chance and Charlie. I work at Monsanto Company as a TDC Planner, where we design, engineer, machine, and fabricate everything from automated machines to simple shafts and rollers.

This will be my 2nd year hunting with Archer’s Choice Media as POSSE and I’m an avid hunter. At a very young age, I realized that half the fun and excitement is the hunt, the other half is sharing the experience with friends and family. That being said, the very first hunt I was able to adventure on, was a gator/hog hunt with Ralph, Vicki, and several POSSE members. Then later that week, we went swimming for a dead gator in the swamp.

The experience of filming and hunting is INTENSE!!! The lows are lower and the highs are higher!! Prime example; 2009 Moose hunt in Ontario Canada, 40-50 mph winds, high anticipation, and not a Moose in sight for nine days. Then coming home to IL deer season, I passed on a 130 class buck with the thought of ‘if this could happen on the first two hours of the season in the stand what’s to come!!!!’ Well that was by far the best opportunity we had all season, and yet probably we had more fun during the 2009 hunting season, than ever, just for the mere fact that I was able to spend that time with my brother Brady and enjoy those experiences with someone else.

No Matter what the hunt or the animal, what we take from this is so much more than an obsession, it truly is our life, and to be able to share this with Archer’s Choice, takes it to the next level. This truly is a dream come true.